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And a clarification about the MySQL Community/Ecosystem: it is not limited the users of the MySQL Database. In the current context, it also includes people interested in MySQL Variants including MariaDB Server, Percona Server, Galera, Amazon RDS and Aurora, Google Cloud SQL for MySQL, and Azure and Alibaba flavor(s) of MySQL/MariaDB/Percona Servers.

Wednesday, 22. March 2023

Take Control of Your Mission-Critical MySQL / MariaDB Data (from Continuent Blog)

It may seem arduous, but there are ways to build a database stack where you have full control of your data and data operations. For mission-critical applications that must perform continuously 24/7/365, it might make a lot of sense to consider, as there are many benefits to taking control of your mission-critical data and operations. Below are a couple important points to consider when doing an ana [...]

Tuesday, 21. March 2023

Increase the Ability to Securely Replicate Your Data and Restrict Replication To Row-based Events in MySQL (from Percona Database Blog)

♦By combining PRIVILEGE_CHECKS_USER and require_row_format, you can create a more secure replication environment in MySQL. [...]

MySQL Database Service – find the info: part 2 – disk space utilization (from lefred's blog)

This article is the second of the new series dedicated on how a DBA can find the info he needs with MySQL Database Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The first article was dedicated on Backups, this one is about Disk Space Utilization. This time we have two options to retrieve useful information related to disk space: Metrics In the OCI Web Console, there is a dedicated metric for the disk usa [...]

MySQL Database Service - find the info: part 2 - disk space utilization (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

New series of articles about how to find useful information when using MySQL Database Service [...]

MySQL - determine transaction size (from MySQLHK)

pRunning MySQL InnoDB Cluster / Group Replication, there is a transaction size limit ( default value of "group_replication_transaction_size_limit"  is about 143 MB (150000000 bytes)/ppHow can we determine the size of a batch job (single transaction) in MySQL?/ppbr/ppSetting [...]

Monday, 20. March 2023

MariaDB OpenWorks 2023 – Dive into the Agenda (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

Our global user conference, MariaDB OpenWorks, is happening May 9-10, 2023. We’ve structured the event so everyone around the globe … Continued [...]

Zero downtime Rails migrations with the PlanetScale Rails gem (from PlanetScale Blog)

Learn about the Ruby on Rails workflow that protects your database and application from accidental downtime and data loss.pRead the full story/p [...]

Comparisons of Proxies for MySQL (from Percona Database Blog)

♦After understanding of the environment, the needs, and the evolution that the platform needs to achieve it's possible to choose a MySQL proxy. [...]

MySQL Database Service – find the info: part 1 – backups (from lefred's blog)

In this new series of articles we will explore the different sources of information available when using MySQL Database Service on OCI to effectively perform your daily DBA job. Of course there is way less things to take care of, like backups, upgrades, operating system and hardware maintenance, … But as a serious DBA, you want to know the status of all this and maintain some control. Some informat [...]

OpenLampTech issue #70 – Substack Repost (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pI’ve been enjoying OpenLampTech for 70 weeks now. Wow! That’s a lot of publishing. But, more importantly, a lot of learning. And forming relationships with the readers. I am so grateful you are reading OpenLampTech. Thanks! In OpenLampTech issue #70, I am sharing some fantastic articles on: Thanks so much for subscribing to OpenLampTech. Not […]/p pThe post OpenLampTech issue #70 [...]

MySQL Database Service - find the info: part 1 - backups (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

New series of articles about how to find useful information when using MySQL Database Service [...]

MySQL Books: SQL Antipatterns, Volume 1 (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

MySQL book review: SQL Antipatterns, volume 1 [...]

Percona Monitoring and Management 2.36 preview release (from Percona Community Blog)

♦Percona Monitoring and Management 2.36 preview release Hello folks! Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) 2.36 is now available as a preview release. We encourage you to try this PMM preview release in testing environments only, as these packages and images are not fully production-ready. The final version is expected to be released through the standard channels in the coming week. You can find [...]

Sunday, 19. March 2023

Which is the best Proxy for Percona MySQL Operator? (from TusaCentral - MySQL Blogs)

Overview pHAProxy, ProxySQL, MySQL Router (AKA MySQL Proxy), in the last few years I had to answer multiple times on what proxy to use and in what scenario. When designing an architecture there are many components that need to be considered before deciding what is the best solution./p pWhen deciding what to pick, there are many things to consider like where the proxy needs to be, if it “just” needs [...]

Friday, 17. March 2023

Build a products listing application with Golang and MySQL (from PlanetScale Blog)

Learn how to build a products listing application with Golang and a MySQL database.pRead the full story/p [...]

Percona Monitoring and Management 2 Scaling and Capacity Planning (from Percona Database Blog)

♦We have tested Percona Monitoring and Management 2.33.0 with its default configuration, and it can monitor more than 1,000 MySQL services with no significant resource usage spikes! [...]

Huge pages with Postgres & InnoDB: better perf, but a bit more work (from Small Datum)

pI started to use huge pages for the benchmarks I do with Postgres and MySQL/InnoDB. It helps performance but requires a few more steps to get working and this will be another source of failures for production deployments. See here for an example of the perf improvements./ppDisclaimer - I am new to this and far from an expert./ppPostgres/ppAs always, the Postgres docs are useful:/pp/polliFigure out [...]

Thursday, 16. March 2023

Examining the latest MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.12 (from Chris on MySQL)

MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.12 was just recently released and it contains a host of important bug fixes. If you’re running 10.6, I’d highly encourage upgrading to the latest 10.6.12 (more specifically 10.6.12-7). There are many good fixes in this release, and here are the main highlights for me: o There were serious bugs fixed related … Continue reading Examining the latest Mar [...]

Tungsten Cluster: Command Line Superpowers — Easily Control Connector Proxy QoS (from Continuent Blog)

The Tungsten Connector proxy within a Tungsten Cluster is a very powerful tool, able to route traffic many different ways. The Quality Of Service (QoS) determines where the Connector proxy will send client request packets, either to the Primary for writes or to a Replica for reads. This short blog post will show you how to use the command line to control the Quality Of Service when creating a new c [...]

Table Maintenance after Bulk Modifications (from SQL for Devs)

The table statistics of databases are a necessary dependency to choose the correct index: The number of rows matching a condition and whether an index or table scan is more efficient is estimated based on the stored distribution of values. But the statistics may become stale if you change a significant number of rows with bulk operations (e.g. importing conta [...]

Using OCI Alarms to Detect When a MySQL Instance Is Unavailable (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

Mysql Database Service (MDS) is a fully managed, native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service. Being part of OCI means that we can tap into the alarm and notification services to help manage our MDS instances. In this post, we will show how to create an alarm when an MDS instance becomes unavailable. [...]

Wednesday, 15. March 2023

Compiler optimizations, MyRocks and a small server (from Small Datum)

pI revisited prior work after taking more care to document the impact of the flags I use when compiling MyRocks. I ran two in-memory benchmarks (sysbench, insert benchmark) to understand the impact of the compile-time flags on CPU efficiency./pptl;dr:/pp/pulliuse CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release/lilienable link time optimization (-flto with gcc) via -DWITH_LTO=ON/liliuse -march=native & -mtune=native ( [...]

Introducing the Issues Calendar for GitHub Projects (from PlanetScale Blog)

Use this open source GitHub integration to view your GitHub project issues in a customizable calendar.pRead the full story/p [...]

MariaDB Contribution Statistics, March 2023 (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pDue to a catalogue of issues our previous quarterly update for developer metrics was not published. This time, however, we have made quite a few changes. … /p pContinue reading \"MariaDB Contribution Statistics, March 2023\"/p pThe post MariaDB Contribution Statistics, March 2023 appeared first on [...]

Some Notable Bugfixes in MySQL 8.0.32 (from Percona Community Blog)

♦MySQL 8.0.32 came out recently and had some important bugfixes contributed by Perconians. Here is a brief overview of the work done. Inconsistent data and GTIDs with mysqldump Marcelo Altmann (Senior Software Engineer) fixed the bug when data and GTIDs backed up by mysqldump were inconsistent. It happened when the options –single-transaction and –set-gtid-purged=ON were both used because GTIDs on [...]

Tuesday, 14. March 2023

Small servers for performance testing, v4 (from Small Datum)

pI am setting up my fourth cluster of small servers to test open source database software. Cluster might be an overstatement because each cluster is limited to 2 or 3 servers. The clusters were/are:br/pulliv1 - Intel NUC5i3ryh (5th gen core i3), 8G RAM, SATA disk for OS, Samsun 850 EVO m.2 for db/liliv2 - Intel NUC7i5bnh (7th gen core i5), 16G RAM, Samsung 850 EVO SATA for OS, Samsung 960 EVO m.2 f [...]

Monday, 13. March 2023

New Backported Features Available in MariaDB Enterprise Server Releases 10.3-10.6 (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

New maintenance releases for MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.12-7, 10.5.19-14, 10.4.28-19 and 10.3.38-19 are now available. These releases include a new … Continued [...]

MariaDB OpenWorks 2023: The Database Conference You Don’t Want to Miss (from Chris on MySQL)

MariaDB OpenWorks 2023 is just around the corner! This one has been a long time coming, and we’re excited for the conference that brings together database administrators, developers, and open source enthusiasts from all around the world. At the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in MariaDB, hear from … Continue reading MariaDB OpenWork [...]

Build a user management API with Nest.js and MySQL (from PlanetScale Blog)

Learn how to build a Nest.js API, connect it to a MySQL database, add a schema and data, and and run database queries.pRead the full story/p [...]

Google Summer of Code 2023 (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pThe Google Summer of Code is a fantastic program that pairs new contributors up with mentors and pays them to work on open source MariaDB has been part of Google Summer of Code for 10 years and we are happy to announce that we are officially part of the program this year, too! … /p pContinue reading \"Google Summer of Code 2023\"/p pThe post Google Summer of Code 2023 appeared fi [...]

How To Set Up MySQL 8 Replica From Existing MySQL 5.7 Server With Percona XtraBackup (from Percona Database Blog)

♦Step by step guide on how to set up MySQL 8 as a replica from an existing MySQL 5.7 server with Percona XtraBackup. [...]

Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.41-44, Percona Distribution for MongoDB 4.2.24: Release Roundup March 13, 2023 (from Percona Database Blog)

♦Percona software releases and updates February 27 - March 13, 2022. [...]

OpenLampTech issue #69 – Substack Repost (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pOperating an independent newsletter requires a lot of (hard) work, dedication, and commitment. But, it sure is worth it! I hope you enjoy reading OpenLampTech as much as I do. Now on to this week’s publication. In OpenLampTech issue #69, we have a lot of great content covering: Want to help support the OpenLampTech publication? […]/p pThe post OpenLampTech issue #69 – Substack Re [...]

MySQL Books: Efficient MySQL Performance (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

MySQL Book Review: Efficient MySQL Performance from Daniel Nichter, O'Reilly, 2021. [...]

Using the JSON data type with MySQL 8 (from Percona Community Blog)

♦If you are a mobile app, frontend, backend, or game developer, you use data types such as string, numeric, or DateTime. You also know that since the advent of non-relational databases (NoSQL) such as MongoDB, which, by not being tied to a traditional SQL schema, do reading and writing on databases much faster. But MySQL showed that storing the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data type could also [...]

Friday, 10. March 2023

How to use MySQL FEDERATED engine ? (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

For a long time, I never encountered any system using FEDERATED tables. But recently, there seems to be more interest for FEDERATED tables. This article illustrates how to use FEDERATED tables in MySQL. [...]

Galera Cluster for MySQL 5.7.40 and MySQL 8.0.31 released (from Galera Blog)

Codership is pleased to announce a new Generally Available (GA) release of the multi-master Galera Cluster for MySQL 5.7, consisting of MySQL-wsrep 5.7.40 (release notes, download) and MySQL-wsrep 8.0.31 (release notes, download) with Galera replication library 4.14 (release notes, download) implementing wsrep API version 26. This release incorporates all changes to MySQL 5.7.40 and MySQL […] [...]

How TiDB Achieves 10x Performance Gains in Online DDL (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

pLearn how TiDB achieves 10x performance gains in online DDL with Fast Online DDL/p pThe post How TiDB Achieves 10x Performance Gains in Online DDL appeared first on PingCAP./p [...]

Backups for MySQL With mysqldump (from Percona Community Blog)

♦Basic Usage mysqldump is a client utility that can be used for doing logical backups. It will generate the necessary SQL statements to reproduce the original database. Backup by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free The following statements are some common uses of mysqldump: mysqldump -u username -p database_name [table_name] dump.sql mysqldump -u username -p --databases db1_name db2_name dump. [...]

Thursday, 09. March 2023

Releasing ProxySQL v2.5.1! (from ProxySQL Blog)

pWe are proud to announce the latest release of ProxySQL version 2.5.1 ProxySQL is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL, with a GPL license! It can be downloaded from the ProxySQL Repository (instructions here) or for a Docker image check out the Official ProxySQL Docker Repository. ProxySQL [...]/p pThe post Releasing ProxySQL v2.5.1! appeared first on ProxySQL./p [...]

MySQL 8.0 INSTANT ADD and DROP Column(s) (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

This blog gives details of the new feature introduced in MySQL 8.0.29 using which column(s) can be added/dropped to/from a table with ALGORITHM=INSTANT. [...]

Wednesday, 08. March 2023

What’s in it for you? Attend Free MySQL Summit on March 23rd (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

Free MySQL Summit Day - March 23rd, in-person and virtual. See main reasons to attend and agenda. [...]

Galera Manager for Monitoring your existing Galera Cluster hosts and deployment (from Galera Blog)

While Galera Manager is ideal for deploying on Amazon AWS or DigitalOcean, or even on your own on-premise hosts, there is a third option that exists, that allows you to monitor an existing cluster that you already have installed. While we won’t go thru installing a Galera Cluster in this post, we will show you […] [...]

Dealing With “Too Many Connections” Error in MySQL 8 (from Percona Database Blog)

♦One of the most common problems faced is “ERROR 1040 (08004): Too many connections”. Here are the new administrative connections allowed on MySQL 8, which can save us from restarting the instance. [...]

Tuesday, 07. March 2023

Using MySQL with SQLAlchemy: Hands-on examples (from PlanetScale Blog)

Learn how to using SQLAlchemy with MySQL by working through an example of creating tables, inserting data, and querying data with both raw SQL and SQLAlchemy ORM.pRead the full story/p [...]

Still using MyISAM ? It is time to switch to InnoDB ! (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

It's time to switch all your MyISAM tables to InnoDB. Discover the myths about InnoDB in this blog post. [...]

Monday, 06. March 2023

How To Calculate a Good MySQL Redo Log Size in MySQL 8 (from Percona Database Blog)

♦MySQL uses Redo Logs internally during crash recovery to correct data written by incomplete transactions. But how do you know what the right Redo Log size is? [...]

OpenLampTech issue #68 – Substack Repost (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pHere at OpenLampTech, I try and share plenty of variety in the weekly newsletter. Let me know what you would like to see more of. Thank you for reading 📚 In OpenLampTech issue #68, we have content covering: Thanks so much for supporting OpenLampTech. If you’re not already subscribed, please consider joining the community today […]/p pThe post OpenLampTech issue #68 – Substack Rep [...]

SCALE 20x & OpenSource Online Spring 2023 with MySQL (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

MySQL Community [...]

How Disaster Recovery (DR) Works in TiDB (from TiDB and TiKV Blog)

pIn this post, we’ll focus on TiDB’s DR solutions. We’ll also analyze the pros and cons of these solutions as well as the most suitable deployment options. /p pThe post How Disaster Recovery (DR) Works in TiDB appeared first on PingCAP./p [...]

MySQL Books: The MySQL Workshop (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

Recent MySQL Book Review series, books that ecery MySQL DBAs or developers should have in their library. [...]

Monitor your databases with Open Source tools like PMM (from Percona Community Blog)

♦In this post, we will cover the value of database monitoring and how we can use Open Source tools like PMM Percona Monitoring and Management to monitor and manage databases effectively. Why should I care about database monitoring? Once you have passed the installation and configuration of your databases and it is well underway, you have to start monitoring it, and not only the database but the ele [...]

Saturday, 04. March 2023

Prevent ProxySQL from directing traffic to broken MySQL replica (from Mydbops Blog)

♦ProxySQL is an open-source MySQL proxy server, meaning it serves as an intermediary between a MySQL server and the applications that access its databases. ProxySQL can improve performance by distri… [...]

Friday, 03. March 2023

Purging Data When the Table Is Big and Has Children Tables (from Percona Database Blog)

♦Getting the MySQL error "Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails"? Percona has you covered. [...]

Thursday, 02. March 2023

3 commands to start a RonDB cluster (from Mikael Ronstrom)

p RonDB is a key-value store with SQL capabilities. We are working on making it really easy to develop applications against RonDB. You can now get a RonDB cluster up and running using 3 commands on your development machine assuming you have Docker installed there./ppHere are the commands:/pp1. git clone rondb-docker/pp2. cd rondb-docker/pp3. ./ [...]

How to build MySQL 8.0 C API (libmysqlclient) (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

The MySQL C API replaces the outdated MySQL-Connector-C. The MySQL C API is also known as libmysqlclient, this is how to use it. [...]

Wednesday, 01. March 2023

Adventures in compiling MySQL: RelWithDebInfo vs Release (from Small Datum)

pI am a non-expert in many build tools -- CMake for MySQL, autoconf for Postgres, scons for MongoDB and Maven for Linkbench. While working to confirm my MySQL builds are OK I used sysbench to compare several of them and was confused by the results. This is part 3 of my adventure - parts 1 and 2 are here and here./pptl;dr/pp/pulliRelWithDebInfo uses link time optimization by default/liliRelease does [...]

MariaDB Python Connector 1.1.6 now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the MariaDB Connector/Python 1.1.6 release. Download Now Release Notes MariaDB Connector/Python … Continued [...]

Improvements to database branch pages (from PlanetScale Blog)

Learn about some of the latest enhancements we made to the Branching page in the PlanetScale dashboard.pRead the full story/p [...]

MySQL 5.7 End of Life Six Months Away - Switch to Percona Server for MySQL Today! (from Percona Database Blog)

♦The official End of Life for MySQL 5.x is October 2023. With Percona Server for MySQL, you get all the MySQL 8.0 features, and more, for free. [...]

This Is the Way: How to Perform Tungsten Software Upgrades (from Continuent Blog)

In this blog post, we cover the correct method for doing Tungsten software upgrades. When doing systems and database administration, there are often multiple ways to get the job done. While each of those ways may work, there is often one way that is called the “best practice”, meaning that it is the agreed-upon best workflow to accomplish that specific goal. With Tungsten Clustering software, the s [...]

MariaDB 10.11 LTS: New types and functions, more dynamic InnoDB configuration (from Vettabase)

A review of MariaDB 10.11, currently the newest Long Term Support GA version. [...]

Tuesday, 28. February 2023

Announcing Vitess 16 (from PlanetScale Blog)

Vitess 16 is now generally available with updates to VDiff v2, VTOrc, MySQL compatibility, and more.pRead the full story/p [...]

Announcing Vitess 16 (from Vitess)

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Vitess 16! Documentation improvements # In this release the maintainer team has decided to put an emphasis on reviewing, editing, and rewriting the website documentation to be current with the code. With help from CNCF, we have also improved the search experience. We welcome feedback on the current incarnation of the docs. GA announcements # We [...]

Monday, 27. February 2023

CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE: RelWithDebInfo vs Release for MySQL (from Small Datum)

pWhat is the impact of CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE for MySQL? I have been spending time over the past few weeks attempting to confirm that the way I build MySQL is reasonable./ppThe MySQL Reference manual lists the choices as: RelWithDebInfo, Debug. It neglects to mention Release. The manual also mentions BUILD_CONFIG which I will try soon.brbrThe cmake online docs don't say much about the impact of Debug, Re [...]

MySQL Books: MySQL Cookbook 4th Edition (from lefred's blog)

The fourth edition of the MySQL Cookbook, solutions for database developers and administrators is a huge book, 938 pages ! And the least we can say is that you get what you pay for ! This book is an excellent resource for anyone working with MySQL, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer. The book provides a comprehensive collection of recipes that address various aspects of database mana [...]

OpenLampTech issue #67 – Substack Repost (from Digital Owl's Prose)

pEach week, OpenLampTech is bringing you the best original and curated content from across the PHP web sphere. This week is no different than the previous 66 of this newsletter so enjoy the great reads at your leisure and please share with others. Thank you 👍 In OpenLampTech issue #67, we have content on: While […]/p pThe post OpenLampTech issue #67 – Substack Repost appeared first on D [...]

Friday, 24. February 2023

PMM Access Control: A Comprehensive Guide With Use Cases and Examples (from Percona Database Blog)

♦Looking to implement access control for Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM)? Our comprehensive guide has got you covered with use cases and real-world examples. [...]

PMM V2.35: Label-based Access Control, General Availability of Helm Chart, and More! (from Percona Database Blog)

♦Percona Monitoring and Management V2.35 released with a tech preview of label-based access control, the general availability of Helm Chart, among other improvements. [...]

Thursday, 23. February 2023

Can RocksDB use all of the IOPs from fast storage? (from Small Datum)

pLast October someone asked on the RocksDB email list whether RocksDB can use all of the IO capacity of a fast storage device. They provided more context -- they want to use it to cache objects that are ~4kb and give RocksDB as little memory as possible and the workload is mostly point queries (RocksDB Get).brbrThat person provided a shell script to show how they used db_bench to test this. I start [...]

New MariaDB SkySQL release adds serverless analytics, auto scaling, query editor and more (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

The latest release of MariaDB SkySQL comes packed with exciting new features that streamlines and boosts the productivity of DBAs, … Continued [...]

Store Trees As Materialized Paths (from SQL for Devs)

You can use the lesser-known materialized path model as a more straightforward approach to store trees than the more complex known nested set and adjacency list models. Every row merely stores the materialized path within the tree to itself, making queries for tree searching relatively easy. With PostgreSQL, you'll get a wide range of querying and manipulatio [...]

Run For Your Favorite Database at Percona Live 2023 (from Percona Database Blog)

♦We’re partnering with the Denver Marathon to attract relay teams of five runners each who will complete legs of 3.9 to 6.5 miles (6 to 10 kilometers), and recruiting runners for Team MySQL, Team MariaDB, Team PostgreSQL, and Team MongoDB. [...]

Clustercontrol: Monitoring the HTAP StoneDB instance (from MySQL-Med)

In line with maintaining sovereignty of our data and architecture, nor sacrificing security over control or viceversa, let's see what else Clustercontrol can do to help us down that path. Continue reading → [...]

Why Did VMware Migrate From Galera Cluster to Tungsten Cluster for Their MySQL HA Needs Across Multiple Regions? (from Continuent Blog)

VMware chose to migrate key MySQL database from Galera (MariaDB Cluster) to Tungsten. In this blog we will look at the key reasons for why VMware ultimately decided that Tungsten Cluster would better fit their multi-site MySQL clusters.Tags: MySQLMariaDBGaleravmwaremulti-site [...]

Exploring Databases on Containers with Percona Server for MySQL (from Percona Community Blog)

♦In this blog, we will explore databases on containers. We will use Docker as a container engine tool and Percona Server for MySQL as a database administration tool. Both are open source tools. MySQL is a relational database management system that stores data on disk. Percona Server for MySQL is a fork of MYSQL, providing much more advanced features. To run it correctly, we need to know volumes bec [...]

Wednesday, 22. February 2023

MariaDB 11.0.1 RC (Short Term Support) now available (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pThe MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB Server 11.0.1, the first RC release of the MariaDB Server 11.0 series, a Short Term Support release (with support lasting 1 year). … /p pContinue reading \"MariaDB 11.0.1 RC (Short Term Support) now available\"/p pThe post MariaDB 11.0.1 RC (Short Term Support) now available appeared first on [...]

MariaDB Community Server 11.0 now RC (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

After 10 years of the 10.x MariaDB Community Server release series, we are moving to the 11.0 release series! Why … Continued [...]

Clustercontrol: Managing that pre-existing MySQL instance. (from MySQL-Med)

So, as you have seen in my previous post, you can get Clustercontrol up and running extremely fast in order to deploy new instances and bring existing environments closer and take control of them all, in one foul swoop. Continue reading → [...]

Tuesday, 21. February 2023

Sysbench, Arm & x86, public cloud (from Small Datum)

pThis has results for sysbench with MyRocks, MySQL/InnoDB and Postgres using public cloud servers. The goal is to document how relative performance changes from single-threaded to high-concurrency workloads. /ppBy relative performance I mean that I present performance as a ratio: throughput on an Arm server / throughput on an x86 server.  By throughput I mean QPS for all of the workloads [...]

Codership to be part of innovators to join the EIC Pavilion at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 (from Galera Blog)

Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world’s leading event is all set to unite the global mobile and telecoms industry in Barcelona, Spain from 27 February – 2 March 2023. In this framework, Codership is glad to announce that it has been selected by the European Innovation Council to join the EIC Pavilion. The 20 most […] [...]

Upgrading a Giant Explore E+ 2 with the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 (from Jeremy Cole)

In September 2022, I got a 2022 Giant Explore E+ 2 GTS e-bike, which has been great (a more thorough review is possibly overdue), and I have put more than 2,000 miles on it in those few months. It’s a practical bike for my purposes: okay for road riding, gravel/dirt and light off-road, and of […] [...]

Monday, 20. February 2023

How to Migrate from MariaDB to MySQL 8.0 (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

This article illustrates step-by-step how to migrate from MariaDB to MySQL 8.0 [...]

Spring Boot MySQL integration tests with Testcontainers (from Geeky Hacker - Coding, Tech & Linux)

pWhen it comes to writing database integration tests with Spring Boot, there are two options: an in-memory database or Testcontaienrs. As we already covered Testing Spring Data Repositories with H2 [...]/p pThe post Spring Boot MySQL integration tests with Testcontainers appeared first on Geeky Hacker./p [...]

Migrating from a Live On-premises MySQL 8.0 Database to MySQL Database Service Using GTIDs (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

MySQL Database Service supports migrations from a live on-premises MySQL 8.0 database to a MySQL DB system on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in almost real-time using replication. [...]

Feedback Wanted: Making EXPLAIN Require Less Privileges for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE Statements (from Percona Database Blog)

♦We are considering changing EXPLAIN in Percona Server for MySQL to require less privileges for providing execution plans for INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements. [...]

MySQL: Selecting random rows (from Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp)

pGiven a table named codetbl/code with one million entries, we want to select a random row from this table, fast. Our table definition looks like this:/p precodecreate table tbl ( id INTEGER NOT NULL, d VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL, INDEX(id) ); /code/pre Dense codeid/code space pWe can generate some test data using a recursive CTE:/p precodemysql> set cte_max_recursion_depth = [...]

OpenLampTech issue #66 – Substack Repost (from Digital Owl's Prose)

p2023 is flying by and so are the weekly OpenLampTech newsletter issues. I cannot thank you enough for reading the weekly newsletter publication. But, I’ll try anyway: thanks so much! Now to this week’s issue… In OpenLampTech issue #66, we have content on: If you’re not already, be sure and subscribe to the weekly OpenLampTech […]/p pThe post OpenLampTech issue #66  [...]

Sunday, 19. February 2023

I'd prefer not to update firmware for Samsung SSD on Linux (from Small Datum)

pI setup my 3rd Beelink server at home that I use for benchmarks. The first two came with Kingston NVMe SSD and this one has an Intel (670p, 512G). The IOPs I got from the Intel SSD is about half of what I got from the Kingston for 4kb random read tests with queue depth = 1, and then I noticed the Kingston devices are at 99% and 69% of their endurance limit so I decided to replace all three.brbrI f [...]

Friday, 17. February 2023

Announcing MariaDB Community Server 10.11 GA (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of MariaDB Community Server 10.11. Big highlights of the MariaDB Community … Continued [...]

What are the disadvantages of database indexes? (from PlanetScale Blog)

Learn about some of the possible downsides of using database indexes and how to remove unused database indexes in MySQL.pRead the full story/p [...]

Thursday, 16. February 2023

MariaDB 10.11.2 GA now available (from MariaDB Foundation Blog)

pThe MariaDB Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of MariaDB Server 10.11.2, the first GA release of the MariaDB 10.11 series, a Long Term Support release. … /p pContinue reading \"MariaDB 10.11.2 GA now available\"/p pThe post MariaDB 10.11.2 GA now available appeared first on [...]

Which Node.js connector is best to use? (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

There are 3 different MariaDB/MySQL drivers for node.js: mysql, mysql2 and mariadb. The mysql connector was historically the first connector … Continued [...]

ChatGPT Won't Replace MySQL DBA - An Example of a Question About Encryption at Rest (from Percona Database Blog)

♦Is ChatGPT ready to replace MySQL DBAs? No, and let me show you why. [...]

Just Deploy It: Any DB, anywhere! Easy as 1,2,3. (from MySQL-Med)

Want your database on-premise, or inthe cloud automated quickly and easy? Read on... Continue reading → [...]

Recently a Continuent Customer Asked: Part 5 - the STATE Field (from Continuent Blog)

In this blog, part 5 of a series of “Recently a Customer Asked” posts for Tungsten University, we explore the values of the STATE output field in cctrl> ls which tells us about the health of the datasource. Specifically, we focus on the SHUNNED state, the different cctrl> ls outputs you may see when SHUNNED, and possible recovery steps.Tags: MySQLMariaDBobservabilitystatuscctrl [...]

Deploying a Galera Cluster with Galera Manager on AWS EC2 (from Galera Blog)

In the event that you are not planning to deploy Galera Cluster using Galera Manager on your own on-premise hosts, it is worth noting that Galera Manager supports the ability to automatically deploy a 3-node Galera Cluster in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) automatically, just by suppling your API key information. Naturally, […] [...]

Wednesday, 15. February 2023

Adventures in compiling MySQL (from Small Datum)

pI like to track performance regressions from old to new releases for Postgres and MySQL and as part of this I compile them from source. This is easy and fast for Postgres. Alas, MySQL builds are slower and for older versions the builds doesn't always work without some effort. I didn't try to quantify why modern MySQL is so much slower to compile but the sql/gis directory is a part of the problem a [...]

Introducing the MySQL REST Service (from The Oracle MySQL Blog)

The MySQL REST Service (MRS) enables fast and secure HTTPS access for your MySQL data. [...]

MariaDB Node.js Connector 3.1.0 now available (from MariaDB Corporation Blog)

MariaDB is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the MariaDB Connector/Node.js 3.1.0 GA release. Download Now Release Notes MariaDB … Continued [...]